Mission Services

Career Center

Career Centers are a resource to everyone in the

community at no charge. An onsite coordinator or

volunteer will be present during open hours to

provide assistance with:

  •  Resume and cover letter development
  •  Job application review
  •  Access to computers, internet, and printers
  •  Interviewing tips and mock interviews
  •  Information about careers in demand locally
  •  Referral to job training opportunities and other community resources
  •  Friendly encouragement and support as you make your next career move!


Career Center Location:

512 Westover Drive Danville, VA 24541

Phone: (434) 792-2511 ext. 224

    Hours: Monday: 9:00AM - 3:00PM

                Tuesday - Thursday 9:00AM - 8:00PM


Work Adjustment Training

Goodwill Industries of South Central Virginia is dedicated to 

promoting quality programs to people with barriers to 

employment. Our programs and services help individuals 

and their families live more independently while helping 

them to make positive contributions to their communities. 

We help open the doors to a better quality of life through 

training, education, and employment opportunities. With 

courage and determination, our clients consistently pass 

through these doors to success. Below is a brief overview 

of the programs we offer:

Skills Training

Goodwill Industries of South Central

 Virginia provides skills training to 

help individuals overcome 

employment obstacles and become 

more independent. Training is 

designed to be applicable to 

individuals in a wide variety of 

settings, especially in situations 

where limitations based on 

disabilities or barriers to employment 

exist. In addition to learned skills, 

training assists individuals in 

developing positive attitudes and 

personal characteristics so they will 

become more successful, 

contributing members of society. 

Skills training is one of the many 

ways we strive to empower 

individuals and families with barriers 

to employment.

  • Forklift
Janitorial Training
Janitorial Training

Training starts with a combination of 

hands on experience and classroom 

instruction. Once the training is 

finished there will be a test to receive a 

Certificate of Janitorial Completion. 

After earning the certificate there are 

janitorial positions at our retail stores 

and donation centers. Goodwill also 

has a partnership with the Federal 

Courthouse for certified janitors.